Physiology in Childbearing With Anatomy and Related Biosciences: With Pageburst Online Access

Author: Stables, Dot


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  • ISBN: 9780702044762
  • Author: Stables, Dot
  • Publ Date: 2010-04-28
  • Edition: 3
  • Pages: 792
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Table of Contents :

Section 1 - Preconception. Basic biochemistry. The Cell - its structures and functions. The female reproductive system. The male reproductive system. Fertility control. Infertility. Preconception matters. Section 2A - Pregnancy - the fetus. General embryology. Embryological systems 1 - trunk, head and limbs. Embryological systems 2 - internal organs. The placenta. Amniotic fluid. Fetal growth and development. Common fetal problems. Congenital defects. Section 2B - Pregnancy -the mother. The haematological system - physiology of the blood. The cardiovascular system. Respiration. The renal tract. Fluid, electrolyte and acid/base balance. The gastrointestinal tract. The accessory digestive organs. Nutrition and metabolism. The nature of bone, the female pelvis and fetal skull. Muscle - the pelvic floor and the uterus. The central nervous system. The peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. The endocrine system. The immune system. Section 2C - Pregnancy - the problems. Minor disorders of pregnancy. Bleeding in pregnancy. Cardiac and hypertensive disorders. Anaemia and clotting disorders. Respiratory , renal, gastrointestinal and neurological problems. Metabolic disorders in pregnancy - diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders. Section 3A Labour - normal. The onset of labour. The first stage of labour. Pain relief in labour. The second stage of labour. The third stage of labour. Section 3B - Labour Problems. Abnormalities of uterine action and onset of labour. Breech presentation. Malposition and cephalic malpresentations. Cephalopelvic disproportion, obstructed labour and other obstetric emergencies. Postpartum haemorrhage and other third-stage problems. Perinatal asphyzia. Operative delivery. Section 4A Puerperium - the baby. Adaptatin to extrauterine life 1 - respiratory and cardiovascular function. Adaptation to extrauterine life 2 - nutritional and metabolic adjustments. The low birthweight baby - common problems and care. N


The aim of this book is to be a core textbook of anatomy and physiology in childbearing. Written to present childbearing in the context of changes to non-pregnant physiology; therefore, both anatomy and physiology, their changes in pregnancy, and pathophysiology are all described. The book is divided into four sections - preconception, pregnancy, labour and puerperium - and it places childbearing in a total biological context so that concepts are drawn from disciplines such as evolution, ecology, biochemistry and cell biology. At all times, the text is related to practice and care giving.


by Faye Doris; Academic Lead, Midwifery; University of PlymouthThis is an excellent book. This edition is clear and reflects a contemporary understanding of physiology.The Practicing Midwifery; Vol. 9, No: 1; Sue BainesA particular strength of this quality publication is that the authors have managed to achieve the right pitch. Basic information is presented in a clear and user-friendly way, but depth is also provided where appropriate, in order to support a deeper level of professional understanding.


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