A Nurse's Survival Guide to the Ward

Author: Richards, Ann


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  • ISBN: 9780443068973
  • Author: Richards, Ann
  • Publ Date: 2008-03-31
  • Edition: 2
  • Pages: 464
  • Status: O/P
  • ID - 4964

Table of Contents :

SECTION 1 Your job and its organization: Organizing yourself; Emergency situations SECTION 2 Assessing and investigating: Identification of patient problems; Assessment; Observations and measurements; Procedures and investigations; Nursing care issues SECTION 3 Procedures: General principles and procedures; Infection and its control; Fluid and electrolyte balance; Nutritional support SECTION 4 A systems approach: The cardiovascular system; The respiratory system; The blood; The gastrointestinal system; The renal system; The nervous system; The endocrine system; Diseases of bones and joints; The immune system; Cancer; Surgery SECTION 5 Pharmacology; Drugs and the law: Administration of drugs; Nurse prescribing; Pharmacology in practice; Classification of drugs; Poisoning References; Further reading and useful websites; Appendix 1 Units of measurement; Appendix 2 Normal values; Appendix 3 Drug measurement and calculations Glossary; Index


The new edition of this highly popular book is an indispensable guide to daily procedures and problems for nurses starting work on the ward or returning to practice. It provides guidance in a variety of areas including: how to organise your job and yourself; how to assess patients; clinical information on a wide range of conditions; important principles, procedures and investigations; how to administer drugs safely; and, what to do in an emergency. As well as information on how to do the job, the importance of communication and nursing care issues is emphasised. Background information is also given on underlying legal, health and safety issues.


"There are basics for beginners and expert advice for more experienced practitioners. It is written concisely and releases just the right amount of information, in a simple format. Thought went into the cover too - it has a protective water resistant finish in readiness for being carried around. This is a real gem.?"Nursing Standard. July 23:: vol 22 no 46:: 2008"


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