Surgical Management of Endometriosis

Author: Redwine, David B.


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  • ISBN: 9781841842486
  • Author: Redwine, David B.
  • Publ Date: 2003-12-18
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 208
  • Imprint: INFORM
  • Status: O/P
  • ID - 64688

Table of Contents :

Was Sampson Wrong D.B. RedwineBerkson's Fallacy and Endometriosis, D.B. RedwineModern Medical Therapy for Endometriosis, D.L. OlivePatient Preparation, D.B. RedwinePrinciples of Monopolar Electrosurgery, D.B. RedwineElectrosurgical Resection of Endometriosis, R. GarryLaser Vaporization and Electrocoagulation of Endometriosis, C. SuttonExcision with the Carbon Dioxide Laser, R. AlbeeFiber Laser Treatment of Endometriosis, T.L. LyonsHarmonic Scalpel Excision of Endometriosis, M. RobbinsOvarian Endometriosis, D.B. RewineIntestinal Endometriosis, D.B. RedwineRectovaginal Endometriosis, J. WrightEndometriosis of the Urinary Tract, D.B. RedwineDiaphragmatic Endometriosis, D.B. RedwineConservative Excision Endometriosis at Laparatomy, D.B. RedwineEndometriosis in Distant Sites, D.B. Redwine


It is universally acknowledged that endometriosis is a confusing, enigmatic, and mysterious disease, but this need not be so. Confusion is an opportunity for change if this confusion is recognized for what it is: lack of accurate information. Filling a void in the literature, Surgical Management of Endometriosis brings together respected authorities in the field to solve the puzzle that is endometriosis.The editor has been closely associated with the development of many of the laparoscopic techniques used around the world for the surgical management of endometriosis. He begins the book with an overview of the subject, based on his broad familiarity with the literature and quarter century of experience, that provides a foundation for understanding the confusion surrounding the disease. The following chapters cover surgical treatment of any manifestation of endometriosis using any one of a number of surgical energy systems. All aspects of these techniques are explored, from anatomy to step-by-step instructions. The illustrations of surgical strategies combined with guidance from surgical experts help the reader decide which technique suits their surgical style.


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