Neutrinos: Neutrino Astronomy, Neutrino Experiments, Neutrino Observatories, Super-Kamiokande, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

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  • ISBN: 9781156720271
  • Author: Books, LLC
  • Publ Date: 2011-07-27
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  • Pages: 48
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 47. Chapters: Neutrino astronomy, Neutrino experiments, Neutrino observatories, Super-Kamiokande, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, Lorentz-violating neutrino oscillations, IceCube Neutrino Observatory, Astronomical gamma-ray source, List of neutrino experiments, Kamioka Observatory, India-based Neutrino Observatory, Neutrino detector, Tribimaximal mixing, Electron neutrino, Kamioka Liquid Scintillator Antineutrino Detector, K2K experiment, Seesaw mechanism, ANTARES, Enriched Xenon Observatory, Sterile neutrino, KATRIN, Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, Neutrino Factory, GALLEX, Homestake experiment, Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array, Muon neutrino, Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, OPERA experiment, Neutrino Ettore Majorana Observatory, Tau neutrino, NESTOR Project, Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix, SNO+, KM3NeT, Irvine-Michigan-Brookhaven, Radio Ice Cerenkov Experiment, Antarctic Impulse Transient Antenna, DUMAND Project, NEVOD, Baikal Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope, Askaryan Radio Array, SciBooNE, Borexino, Baksan Neutrino Observatory, Double Chooz, Neutrino Array Radio Calibration, Large Volume Detector, Reactor Experiment for Neutrino Oscillation. Excerpt: A neutrino ( English pronunciation: , Italian pronunciation: ), meaning "small neutral one," is an elementary particle that usually travels close to the speed of light, is electrically neutral, and is able to pass through ordinary matter almost unaffected, "like a bullet passing through a bank of fog." This makes neutrinos extremely difficult to detect. Neutrinos have a very small, but nonzero mass. They are denoted by the Greek letter (nu). Neutrinos are similar to the more familiar electron, with one crucial difference: neutrinos do not carry electric charge. Because neutrinos are electrically neutral, they are not affected by the el...


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