From Hairdressers to Pastors: An Intergrative Approach to Counseling and Connecting

Author: De Beer, James

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  • ISBN: 9780982036198
  • Author: De Beer, James
  • Publ Date: 2009-07-31
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 254
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People from all walks of life suffer more and more from fear, trauma, grief and loss. Needs in the community are growing to breathtaking proportions. Those in need are searching for comfort, hoping to find it from those who are prepared to make themselves available for a chat, a cup of tea, a moment to share some laughter, sometimes sad and painful experiences, sometimes joyful moments and sometimes just for the need of connecting.Domestic violence has also reached new record highs with social and health consequences. These consequences include anxiety, depression, other emotional and physical stress symptoms, substance abuse, suicide, reduced coping skills, loss of self esteem, breakdown of relationships, living in fear and other major impacts on quality of life. Children of perpetrators and victims fall into behavioral problems, poor adjustment and poor social competence, bullying and family conflict. Lack of social skills often leads to bad financial management, eating disorders and sometimes to a total lack of responsibility and self respect.The topics discussed and written about in this handbook have been identified as a number of the top pressing issues confronted by western societies in the 21st century. They are not placed into specific priorities or in some kind of value order but rather in a format that brings out a great variety of commonly used theories, practices and therapeutic techniques to address certain needs of people.This handbook is dedicated to counselors, teachers, hair dressers, school principles, pastors, elders, community and church leaders, human resource practitioners, people in need, doctors, business owners, health workers, executive managers, neighbors, students and those who have gifts of healing, mercy and love.


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