Collaborative Learning in Action

Author: Brady, Laurie


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  • ISBN: 9780733978470
  • Author: Brady, Laurie
  • Publ Date: 2006-04-04
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 168
  • Status: ACT
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Table of Contents :

PART 1: COLLABORATION FOR LEARNING 1. A collaboration view of learning Introduction Traditional schooling Progressive schooling Equity Outcomes-based education Constructivism Collaborative/cooperative learning A collaborative view of learning PART 2: STRATEGIES FOR LEARNING 2. Expressing Promoting student talk Questioning Discussion Brainstorming Simulations Games 3. Solving Problem solving Thinking hats Thinker's keys 4. Organising Projects Exhibitions Graphic organiser's excursions 5. Valuing Moral dilemmas Role play Values clarification 6. Teacher-fronted activities Explanation/demonstration Story reading Story telling Activities/exercises Technology Miscellaneous strategies PART 3: STRUCTURES FOR LEARNING 7. Whole class teaching Whole class teaching/learning 8. Cooperative group learning Introduction Numbered heads groups Think-pair-share groups Buzz groups Snowball groups Double contribution groups Jigsaw groups Cross-over groups 'The last word' Function groups Friendship groups Interest groups Ability groups 9. Individualised learning Curriculum differentiation Learning centres Independent projects Mentoring 10. Teaching/learning frameworks Introduction Key competencies Quality teaching


For 1st to 4th year teacher education students in the 'practicum', 'education' or 'professional studies' sections of their course. Collaborative Learning in Action identifies and explains the great variety of teaching strategies and the 'structures' in which they operate. This text is underpinned by a view of learning that involves teachers and students engaging in meaningful collaborative dialogue. Strategies include: questioning, discussing, brainstorming, problem solving, role playing, simulating, explaining, narrating; the use of activities such as 'thinking hats', 'thinker's keys', games, moral dilemmas and value clarification; participation in exhibitions, projects, excursions; the use of graphic organisers and technology. The text also explains the practical implications of the work of Bloom, Gardner, de Bono, Taba, Michaelis, Pohl, Ryan and Suchman.


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