Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime

Author: Landreth, Jane


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  • ISBN: 9781616263393
  • Author: Landreth, Jane
  • Publ Date: 1900-01-01
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 255
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  • ID - 64821


For spiritual "quality time" with your five- to eight-year-old children, check out "Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime"--going a step beyond the traditional Bible story book! More than five-dozen Bible stories are included, in fun, easy-to-understand stories that your kids will love. From "God Created the Animals" in Genesis 1, through the accounts of the frogs that plagued Pharaoh, Balaam's donkey, Solomon's baboons and apes, and the lost sheep of Jesus' parable, "Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime" unveils truth in ways that young hearts can easily grasp. Each chapter is accompanied by full-color illustration and design, making "Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime "an ideal book for learning and fun.


This is a really great book of short stories that would be perfect for bedtime, standing in line time, ride to school time, or just about any time. I love that all of the stories include a Bible verse and a prayer starter. I also like that many of them take the time to explain things to the reader (a lamb is a baby sheep, A raven will eat almost anything, sheep are cute but not very smart etc) that he or she probably does not already know. In addition it opens some door for some real conversations between parent and child (Knowing what you know now, why do you think Noah chose a raven and a dove to send out?) While this is recommended for children ages 5-8 I can honestly say that my 3 year old LOVED the stories and I even caught my 11 and 13 year old listening in from time to time. This has been a great addition to our library and one we plan to use frequently!--Ginny Blankenship"Book Reviews 4 U 2" (09/02/2011)


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