Bennett and Elliotts' Physiology and Medicine of Diving

Author: Alf Brubakk


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  • ISBN: 9780702025716
  • Author: Alf Brubakk
  • Publ Date: 2002-12-16
  • Edition: 5
  • Pages: 800
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 6775

Table of Contents :

Introduction 01 An outline history of diving physiology and medicine 02 Diving Methods 02.1 Compressed Air Work 02.2 Commercial Diving 02.3 Recreational Diving 02.4 Scientific Diving 02.5 Empirical Diving Techniques 03 Ventilation, Gas Exchange and Exercise Under Pressure 04 Thermal considerations in diving 05 Breath-hold Diving 06 Drowning and Near Drowning 07 Comparative Diving Physiology 08 Otorhinolaryngological aspects of diving 09 Pressure Effects 09.1 Biological Effects of Pressure 09.2 Inert Gas Narcosis 09.3 High Pressure Nervous Syndrome 09.4 Oxygen Under Pressure 10 Decompression 10.1 Decompression Theory 10.2 Decompression Practice 10.3 Bubble Detection 10.4 Decompression Sickness 10.5 Arterial Gas Embolism and Pulmonary Barotraumas 10.6 Manifestations of Decompression Disorders 10.7 Treatment of the Decompression Disorders 11 Long term effects of diving 11.1 Long-Term Effects on the Lung 11.2 Long-Term Effects on Bones 11.3 Long-Term Effects on the Central Nervous System 12 Fitness to Dive 13 Investigation of Diving Accidents 14 Pathology of Diving Accidents 15 Diving Equipment 16 Appendix: Physical Laws and Biological Constants


For the last 30 years, this book has been considered the "bible" of diving medicine. It is extremely well known to doctors and researchers working in this field, and its editors and contributors are internationally recognized as experts on the subject. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the field. Be sure to check sales of the previous edition on this title. It is well known in the field of diving.


"Physically the book is a treat. Handsome and well presented, the layout is straight-forward and elegant, with high-quality line drawings and tables. The figures are particularly well rendered, with clarity aided by the avoidance of color...In summary, Bennett & Elliott's Physiology and Medicine of Diving remains a benchmark of texts in the field I thoroughly recommend it as an essential reference for any diving medicine facility and suggest that many individual diving physicians and scientists will wish to secure a personal copy." -Respiratory Care-April 2004, Vol.49 No.4


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