Handbook of Health Social Work

Author: Gehlert, Sarah


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  • ISBN: 9780471714316
  • Author: Gehlert, Sarah
  • Publ Date: 2006-03-24
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 768
  • Imprint: WILEY *#
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Table of Contents :

Foreword (Jay Cayner). Acknowledgments. Editor Biographies. Contributors. Introduction (Sarah Gehlert). PART I: THE FOUNDATIONS OF SOCIAL WORK IN HEALTH CARE. 1 The Conceptual Underpinnings of Social Work in Health Care (Sarah Gehlert). 2 Social Work Roles and Health-Care Settings (Teri Arthur Browne). 3 Ethics and Social Work in Health Care (Jared Sparks). 4 Public Health and Social Work (Deborah R. Schild and Marjorie R. Sable). 5 Health Policy and Social Work (Julie S. Darnell and Edward F. Lawlor). 6 Community and Health (Christopher Masi). PART II: HEALTH SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE: A SPECTRUM OF CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS. 7 Theories of Health Behavior (Sarah Gehlert). 8 Physical and Mental Health: Interactions, Assessment, and Intervention (Malitta Engstrom). 9 Communication in Health Care (Sarah Gehlert). 10 Religion, Spirituality, and Health (Kevin Burke). 11 Families, Health, and Illness (John S. Rolland and Allison Werner-Lin). 12 Human Sexuality and Physical Intimacy (Les Gallo-Silver). 13 Substance Use Problems in Health Social Work Practice (Colleen A. Mahoney, Malitta Engstrom, and Jeanne C. Marsh). PART III: HEALTH SOCIAL WORK: SELECTED AREAS OF PRACTICE. 14 Social Work with Older Adults in Health-Care Settings (Sadhna Diwan and Shantha Balaswamy). 15 Social Work Practice and Disability Issues (Rebecca Brashler). 16 Nephrology Social Work (Teri Arthur Browne). 17 Oncology Social Work (Allison Werner-Lin and Nancee M. Biank). 18 Social Work and Chronic Disease: Diabetes, Heart Disease, and HIV/AIDS (Wendy Auslander and Stacey Freedenthal). 19 Social Work and Genetics (Deborah R. Schild, Susan Taylor-Brown, and Luba Djurdjinovic). 20 End-of-Life Care (Yvette Colon). 21 Pain Management and Palliative Care (Terry Altilio, Shirley Otis-Green, Susan Hedlund, and Iris Cohen Fineberg). 22 Alternative, Complementary, and Integrative Medicine in a Conventional Setting (Penny Block). Afterword (Candyce S. Berger). Author Index. Subject Index.


The Handbook of Health Social Work provides a comprehensive and evidence-based overview of contemporary social work practice in health care. Written from a wellness perspective, the chapters cover the spectrum of health social work settings with contributions from a wide range of experts. The resulting resource offers both a foundation for social work practice in health care and a guide for strategy, policy, and program development in proactive and actionable terms. Three sections present the material: The Foundations of Social Work in Health Care provides information that is basic and central to the operations of social workers in health care, including conceptual underpinnings; the development of the profession; the wide array of roles performed by social workers in health care settings; ethical issues and decision - making in a variety of arenas; public health and social work; health policy and social work; and the understanding of community factors in health social work. Health Social Work Practice: A Spectrum of Critical Considerations delves into critical practice issues such as theories of health behavior; assessment; effective communication with both clients and other members of health care teams; intersections between health and mental health; the effects of religion and spirituality on health care; family and health; sexuality in health care; and substance abuse. Health Social Work: Selected Areas of Practice presents a range of examples of social work practice, including settings that involve older adults; nephrology; oncology; chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS; genetics; end of life care; pain management and palliative care; and alternative treatments and traditional healers. The first book of its kind to unite the entire body of health social work knowledge, the Handbook of Health Social Work is a must-read for social work educators, administrators, students, and practitioners.


"We most commend the editors who have achieved a truly comprehensive work; have conceptualized a frame of reference that has implications for all of social work." (Journal of Social Work Education, March 2007)

Author Biography:

TERI ARTHUR BROWNE, MSW, LSW, has been a nephrology social worker since 1995. She chairs the Council of Nephrology Social Workers, and coedits The Journal of Nephrology Social Work. She is a doctoral fellow at the School of Social Service Administration of The University of Chicago where she teaches in the health care concentration


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