Psychiatric Mental Status Examination, The

Author: Paula T. Trzepacz


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  • ISBN: 9780195062519
  • Author: Paula T. Trzepacz
  • Publ Date: 1993-11-18
  • Edition: 1
  • Pages: 214
  • Imprint: OXFORD UNIV PR 45%*#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 1658

Table of Contents :

1. What is a mental status examination? ; 2. Appearance, attitude, and activity ; 3. Mood and affect ; 4. Speech and language ; 5. Thought content, thought processes, and perception ; 6. Cognition ; 7. Insight and judgment ; 8. Case examples ; Appendix ; Index


Developed from years of teaching psychiatry to medical students and residents, this comprehensive text meets a need in the teaching of literature and will be valuable to both students first learining about the MSE and seasoned clinicians seeking an informative reference. The clinical relevance of mental status abnormalities is illustrated through frequent examples of disorders that can cause the particular signs and symptoms defined in each chapter. A final chapter describing fictional case histories with hypothetical examples of written mental status reports will be particularly useful for those learining to write such reports. This text is an important addition to the libraries of students and practitioners who work with psychiatric patients and should help to simplify and organize a challenging task.


This book ... manages to live up to the description in the preface of being "user friendly". It is written in a very clinical relevant way, by authors who appear to be experienced clinicians and teachers ... liberally sprinkled with sensible, practical comments on eliciting information and conducting interviews. The book is comprehensive without being too long or excessively detailed. Jeanette Smith, British Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 166, June 1995


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