TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours

Author: Leslie H. Sobin


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  • ISBN: 9781444332414
  • Author: Leslie H. Sobin
  • Publ Date: 2009-11-27
  • Edition: 7
  • Pages: 336
  • Imprint: BLACKWELL *#
  • Status: O/P
  • ID - 13874

Table of Contents :

Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. Organizations Associated with the TNM System. Members of UICC Committees Associated with the TNM System. Section Editors. INTRODUCTION. HEAD AND NECK TUMOURS. Lip and Oral Cavity. Pharynx. Larynx. Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses. Malignant Melanoma of Upper Aerodigestive Tract. Major Salivary Glands. Thyroid Gland. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM TUMOURS. Oesophagus including Oesophagogastric Junction. Stomach. Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST). Small Intestine. Appendix - Carcinoma. Appendix - Carcinoid. Gastric, Small & Large Intestinal Carcinoid Tumours. Colon and Rectum. Anal Canal. Liver - Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Intrahepatic Bile Ducts. Gallbladder. Extrahepatic Bile Ducts - Perihilar. Distal. Ampulla of Vater. Pancreas. LUNG AND PLEURAL TUMOURS. Lung. Pleural Mesothelioma. BONE AND SOFT TISSUE TUMOURS. Bone. Soft Tissues. SKIN TUMOURS. Carcinoma of Skin. Carcinoma of Skin of Eyelid. Malignant Melanoma of Skin. Merkel Cell Carcinoma of Skin. BREAST TUMOURS. GYNAECOLOGICAL TUMOURS. Vulva. Vagina. Cervix Uteri. Uterus - Endometrium. Uterine Sarcomas. Ovary. Fallopian Tube. Gestational Trophoblastic Tumours. UROLOGICAL TUMOURS. Penis. Prostate. Testis. Kidney. Renal Pelvis and Ureter. Urinary Bladder. Urethra. ADRENAL CORTEX TUMOURS. OPHTHALMIC TUMOURS. Carcinoma of Conjunctiva. Malignant Melanoma of Conjunctiva. Malignant Melanoma of Uvea. Retinoblastoma. Sarcoma of Orbit. Carcinoma of Lacrimal Gland. HODGKIN LYMPHOMA. NON-HODGKIN LYMPHOMAS.


TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours, 7 th Edition provides the latest, internationally agreed-upon standards to describe and categorize cancer stages and progression. Published in affiliation with the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), this authoritative guide contains important updated organ-specific classifications that oncologists and other professionals who manage patients with cancer need to accurately classify tumours for staging, prognosis and treatment. The major alterations addressed in the 7 th Edition concern carcinomas of the oesophagus and the gastroesophageal junction, stomach, lung, appendix, biliary tract, skin, and prostate. In addition, there are several entirely new classifications: gastrointestinal carcinoids (neuroendocrine tumours) gastrointestinal stromal tumour upper aerodigestive mucosal melanoma Merkel cell carcinoma uterine sarcomas intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma adrenal cortical carcinoma. A new approach has also been adopted to separate anatomical stage groupings from prognostic groupings in which other prognostic factors are added to T, N, and M categories. These new prognostic groupings, as well as the traditional anatomical groupings, are presented for oesophageal and prostate carcinomas. Visit www.wileyanduicc.com for more information about the International Journal of Cancer and our other UICC book titles


"This simple approach and a well-coordinated presentation is its strongest feature. The purpose of this book as a valuable reference tool has been satisfied, and it should be part of a comprehensive oncology reference library." (Int . J. Radiation Oncology Biol. Phys., November 2010) "This is an update of the standard manual that has proven its value over the many years since it was first published ... .The seventh edition will be welcomed by all who have used the previous editions." ( Doody's , March 2010) "The material is therefore immediately applicable to patients worldwide, and not influenced by any particular healthcare system. The publication's greatest virtue continues to be its simplicity, distilling and arranging complex data in a way that is immediately applicable wherever cancer patients are seen." ( Knowledgespeak , December 2009)


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