Educational Neuroscience: Initiatives and Emerging Issues

Author: Patten, Kathryn E.


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  • ISBN: 9781444339857
  • Author: Patten, Kathryn E.
  • Publ Date: 2011-09-02
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 120
  • Imprint: WILEY *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 13937

Table of Contents :

Notes on Contributors vii
Foreword Michael A. Peters xi
1 Introduction: Educational Neuroscience Kathryn E. Patten & Stephen R. Campbell 1
2 Educational Neuroscience: Motivations, methodology, and implications Stephen R. Campbell 7
3 Can Cognitive Neuroscience Ground a Science of Learning? Anthony E. Kelly 17
4 A Multiperspective Approach to Neuroeducational Research Paul A. Howard-Jones 23
5 What Can Neuroscience Bring to Education? Michel Ferrari 30
6 Connecting Education and Cognitive Neuroscience: Where will the journey take us? Daniel Ansar1, Donna Coch & Bert De Smedt 36
7 Position Statement on Motivations, Methodologies, and Practical Implications of Educational Neuroscience Research: fMRI studies of the neural correlates of creative intelligence John Geake 42
8 Brain-Science Based Cohort Studies Hideaki Koizumi 47
9 Directions for Mind, Brain, and Education: Methods, Models, and Morality Zachary Stein & Kurt W. Fischer 55
10 The Birth of a Field and the Rebirth of the Laboratory School Marc Schwartz & Jeanne Gerlach 66
11 Mathematics Education and Neurosciences: Towards interdisciplinary insights into the development of young children s mathematical abilities Fenna Van Nes 74
12 Neuroscience and the Teaching of Mathematics Kerry Lee & Swee Fong Ng 80
13 The Somatic Appraisal Model of Affect: Paradigm for Educational Neuroscience and Neuropedagogy Kathryn E. Patten 86
14 Implications of Affective and Social Neuroscience for Educational Theory Mary Helen Immordino-Yang 97
Index 103


Educational Neuroscience provides an overview of the wide range of recent initiatives in educational neuroscience, examining a variety of methodological concerns, issues, and directions. * Encourages interdisciplinary perspectives in educational neuroscience * Contributions from leading researchers examine key issues relating to educational neuroscience and mind, brain, and education more generally * Promotes a theoretical and empirical base for the subject area * Explores a range of methods available to researchers * Identifies agencies, organizations, and associations facilitating development in the field * Reveals a variety of on-going efforts to establish theories, models, methods, ethics, and a common language

Author Biography:

Kathryn E. Patten, Ph.D., teaches English Literature andPsychology; and is also the Outreach Coordinator for theEducational Neuroscience Laboratory, a.k.a. the ENGRAMMETRON, atSimon Fraser University.
Stephen R. Campbell, Ph.D., is Associate Professor ofEducation, co-Director of the David Wheeler Institute for Researchin Mathematics Education, and Director of the EducationalNeuroscience Laboratory, a.k.a., the ENGRAMMETRON, at Simon FraserUniversity.


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