Respiratory Medicine

Author: Gibson, John


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  • ISBN: 9780702026133
  • Author: Gibson, John
  • Publ Date: 2002-12-13
  • Edition: 3
  • Pages: 2192
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS *#
  • Status: O/P
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Table of Contents :

Part A Structure and function 1 Structure 1.1 Anatomy of the thorax R Alastair L Brewis and F E White 1.2 Microscopic structure of the lung Peter K Jeffery 1.3 Embryology and growth Peter K Jeffery and Alison A Hislop 1.4 Molecular basis of lung development Jacques Bourbon, Alexandra Henrion-Caude and Claude Gaultier 2 Function 2.1 Matrix proteins Sarah E Dunsmore, Rachel C Chambers and Geoffrey J Laurent 2.2 Pulmonary surfactant and lung fluid balance Jens M Hohlfeld 2.3 Mechanics of ventilation Vito Brusasco and Riccardo Pellegrino 2.4 Respiratory muscle function Andre De Troyer 2.5 Pulmonary gas exchange Roberto Rodriguez-Roisin 2.6 Pulmonary circulation Robert Naeije 2.7 Respiratory function during exercise J osep Roca and Roberto A Rabinovich 2.8 Control of breathing Hans Folgering 3 Respiratory defences 3.1 Physical defences Stewart Clarke and Malcolm King 3.2 Defence properties of airway surface liquid Edith Puchelle, Sophie de Bentzmann, Jean-Marie Zahn and Jacky Jacquot 3.3 Immunology of the lung Carlo Agostini and Gianpietro Semenzato 3.4 Antiproteineases and antioxidants Robert A Stockley 3.5 Lung inflammation and repair Christopher Haslett Part B Symptoms and signs 4 Clinical assessment John Earis 5 An approach to common respiratory symptoms 5.1 Cough Lorcan McGarvey and Joseph MacMahon 5.2 Haemoptysis Michael G Pearson and John Corless 5.3 Breathlessness Paul W Jones 5.4 Chest pain Pavlav L Shah Part C Principles of diagnosis and treatment 6 Respiratory function tests G John Gibson 7 Imaging 7.1 Thoracic imaging David M Hansell 7.2 Scintigraphic imaging Antonio Palla and Carlo Guintini 7.3 Ultrasound of the lung and pleura Angelika Reissig and Claus Kroegel 8 Laboratory methods 8.1 Bacteriology Roger Freeman 8.2 Detection of respiratory viruses Paul Taylor and Sebastian L Johnston 8.3 Cytopathology Jennifer A Young 8.4 Histopathology methods Richard L Attanoos and Allen R Gibbs 9 Non-invasive assessment of inflammation Andrew M Zurek, Peter J Sterk and Ratko Djukanovic 10 Invasive techniques 10.1A Therapeutic bronchoscopy Karl Haussinger , Martin J Kohlhauffl and Chris T Bolliger 10.1B Diagnositc bronchoscopy Chris T Bolliger and Karl Haussinger 10.2 Broncho alveolar Lavage Ulrich Costabel 10.3 Percutaneous needle biopsy Fergus Gleeson 10.4 Thorascopy and pleural investigations Robert Loddenkemper and Wolfgang Frank 11 Principles of thoracic surgery Peter Goldstraw 12 Lung transplantation J H Dark and Paul A Corris 13 Principles of oxygen therapy Jean-Louis Pepin and Patrick LEvy 14 Respiratory intensive care Spyros G Zakynthinos and Charis S Roussos 15 Principles of non-invasive ventilatory support Mark W Elliott 16 Principles of physiotherapy Rik Gosselink 17 Rehabilitation Nicolino Ambrosino 18 Assessment for anaesthesia with respiratory disease Brain F Keogh and Caroline J Bateman 19 Principles of inhaled therapy Eric Derom 20 Genetics and gene therapy Duncan M Geddes Part D Developmental abnormalities 21 Malformations Andrew Bush 22 Bronchopulmonary dysplasia Anne Greenough Part E Environmental problems and lung injury 23 Air pollution Thomas Sandstrom, Anders Blomberg and Ragnberth Helleday 24 Smoking John F Golding 25 Pneumoconiosis Maurits Demedts, Benoit Nemery and Peter Elemes 26 Respiratory disease in coal miners Benoit Wallaert 27 Asbestos-related disease Robin M Rudd 28 Acute respiratory distress syndrome Mark J D Griffiths and Timothy W Evans 29 Iatrogenic respiratory disease Philippe Camus and G John Gibson 30 Toxic lung injury: inhaled agents David J Hendrick 31 Toxic lung injury: ingested agents Peter G Blain 32 Humidifier fever P Sherwood Burge 33 Respiratory problems in adverse environments David M Denison 34 Near drowning Mark Harries Part F Respiratory infections 35 Pneumonia and other acute respiratory infections John T Macfarlane and Anne Thomson 36 Respiratory disease in the immunocompromised host 36.1 Pulmonary complications of HIV infection Giovanni Guaraldi, Elisa Busi Rizzi and Cesare Saltini 36.2 Respiratory disease in the immunocompromised host: non-AIDS Rudolph Speich 37 Lung abscess John Moore-Gillon and Susannah J Eykyn 38 Tuberculosis 38.1 Epidemiology of tuberculosis Hans L Rieder 38.2 Clinical features and management of tuberculosis L Peter Ormerod 38.3 The control of tuberculosis Peter D O Davies 39 Opportunistic mycobacterial infections Ian A Campbell and Peter A Jenkins 40 Bronchopulmonary aspergillosis Douglas Robinson and Patrick Flood Page 41 Infections due to dimorphic pathogenic fungi - Histoplasma, Coccidioides, Blastomyces, Paracoccidioides and Penicillium marneffei Roderick J Hay 42 Parasitic diseases Nicholas Roche and Gerard Huchon Part G Airway disorders 43 Diseases of the nose Stephen R Durham and Ian S Mackay 44 Diseases of the upper airway Martin R Hetzel 45 Obstructive sleep apnoea and related syndromes John Stradling 46 Classification of diffuse airway obstruction Romain Pauwels 47 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 47.1 Epidemiology and natural history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Dirkje S Postma and Huib A M Kerstjens 47.2 Aetiology and pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease William MacNee 47.3 Pathology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Peter K Jeffery and Marina Saetta 47.4 Pathophysiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Dan C Stanescu and N B Pride 47.5 Clinical features of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Nikolaus Konietzko 47.6 Management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Peter M A Calverley 48 Asthma 48.1 Epidemiology and natural history of asthma Peter Burney 48.2 Pathogenesis of asthma Peter J Barnes, Ratko Djukanovic and Stephen T Holgate 48.3 Pathology of asthma Peter K Jeffrey and Bryan Corrin 48.4 Pathophysiology of asthma Peter J Sterk and Roberto Rodriguez-Roisin 48.5 Prevention of asthma Adnan Custovic and Ashley Woodcock 48.6 Diagnosis and assessment of asthma Richard Beasley, Ian Town and Penny Fitzharris 48.7 Management and treatment of asthma Anne E Tattersfield and Timothy W Harrison 48.8 Difficult to manage asthma Elisabeth H D Bel and Anneke ten Brinke 48.9 Asthma : communication and education Martin R Partridge 48.10 New perspectives in asthma treatment T Schmidt and Klaus F Rabe 48.11 Acute severe asthma Brian D W Harrison 48.12 Childhood asthma and other wheezing disorders Andrew Bush and John Price 48.13 Occupational asthma and byssinosis P Sherwood Burge and Wasif Anees 49 Bronchiectasis Robert Wilson 50 Cystic fibrosis 50.1 Epidemiology and pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis Gerd Doring 50.2 Cystic fibrosis in childhood Andrew Bush and Jane C Davies 50.3 Cystic fibrosis in adults: respiratory disease Dennis J Shale 50.4 Cystic fibrosis in adults: non-respiratory disease J Stuart Elborn 51 Bronchiolitis Venerino Poletti, Marco Chilosi and Maurizio Zompatori Part H Interstitial lung disease 52 Classification and diagnostic approach Roland M du Bois and Ulrich Costabel 53 Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and related disorders Nicole S L Goh and Roland M du Bois 54 Cryptogenic organising pneumonia (bronchiolitis obliterans organising pneumonia) Jean-Francois Cordier 55 Extrinsic allergic alveolitis Claus Vogelmeier 56 Sarcoidosis Anders Eklund and Johan Grunewald 57 Wegener's granulomatosis and other vasculitides Carol A Langford and Ulrich Specks 58 Eosinophilic pneumonia Claus Kroegel, Angelika Reissig and Bettina Mock 59 Langerhans cell granulomatosis Ulrich Costabel and Bryan Corrin 60 Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Simon Johnson 61 Alveolar proteinosis Ulrich Costabel and Bryan Corrin 62 Other rare parenchymal lung disorders Bryan Corrin and Ulrich Costabel 63 Lymphoproliferative disease Andrew G Nicholson, Venerino Poletti and Gianpietro Semenzato Part I Pulmonary vascular disease 64 Pulmonary embolic disease Martin Riedel 65 Pulmonary hypertension Andrew J Peacock 66 Pulmonary arteriovenous malformations and pulmonary artery aneurysms laire L Shovlin and James E Jackson Part J Respiratory neoplasms -- Tumours 67 Classification and pathology of bronchopulmonary carcinoma and of metastases in the lung Bryan Corrin 68 Epidemiology and screening Halla Skuladottir and Jorgen H Olsen 69 Aetiology and pathogenesis of carcinoma of the lung Elisabeth Brambilla and Bryan Corrin 70 Clinical features and assessment of lung cancer Stephen G Spiro 71 Management of bronchopulmonary cancer Martin F Muers 72 Rare tumours of the lung Bryan Corrin Part K Extrapulmonary disorders 73 Disorders of the thoracic skeleton John M Shneerson 74 Chest trauma: current optimum management Alistair N J Graham, Kieran G McManus, James A McGuigan 75 Pleural disease Robert Loddenkemper and Wolfgang Frank 76 Mediastinal disorders 76.1 Mediastinal masses Peter Goldstraw 76.2 Other mediastinal disorders Christpher R Swinburn Part L Respiratory effects of systemic disease 77.1 Cardiovascular diseases Otto C Burghuber 77.2 Renal disease Wilifried De Backer and Paul Vermeire 77.3 Blood disorders Christopher C Evans 77.4 Gastrointestinal, hepatic and pancreatic diseases Martin F Muers 77.5 Neuromuscular diseases Michael I Polkey 77.6 Metabolic, endocrine, obstetric and gynaecological conditions Christopher C Evans 77.7 Rheumatic and connective tissue disorders Christopher C Evans


Sound, didactic, clinical advice from 150 clinicians and experts in pulmonary medicine throughout the world forms a wealth of scientific information in respiratory medicine. The text highlights the difficulties that can be encountered in managing symptoms, including investigation of cough, haemoptysis and dyspnoea and examines "paediatric" conditions most relevant to adult practice, developmental abnormalities and childhood cystic fibrosis and asthma.


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