The Busy Learner's Kit for Making Performance Management and Appraisal Valuable

Author: Bacal, Robert

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  • ISBN: 9781453702550
  • Author: Bacal, Robert
  • Publ Date: 2010-08-06
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 54
  • Imprint: CREATSPACE *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 14056


Rather crawl across broken glass than do performance appraisals? You have lots of company! Learn to manage performance, from goal setting to performance reviews, so everybody wins, AND remove the discomfort. Finally, an approach that does away with outmoded confrontation based appraisals, and considers employee reviews in a systems thinking context. Remove the pain and the dread, AND supercharge performance. Everyone wins, employee, manager and organization. This kit is built for busy learners -- people who haven't the time to read long tedious books on the subject. Tightly written ESSENTIALS, plus tools you can reproduce for your own use. Learn to plan performance and set goals, diagnose root causes of problems, conduct the appraisal meeting, and use progressive discipline techniques. Learn to work together so everyone succeeds! Included: What you need to know about: Rating and Ranking Systems and Their Weaknesses Stupid Things Managers, Employees and HR Do TO Sabotage Employee Appraisals Performance Planning and Goal setting Communicating about performance all year long, feedback and recognition Improving Performance and dealing with performance problems Effective performance appraisal procedures Appraisals and employee training and development Also: Reproducible copies of: Performance Management Master Checklist Helpcard Getting the Most From Performance Appraisals For Employees Helpcard Job aids: Performance Management For Managers Helpcard Performance Planning For Managers Helpcard Diagnosing Performance Problems Helpcard Progressive Discipline For Addressing Performance Problems Helpcard This kit is part of our Busy Learner's Series, devoted to increasing workplace and personal success in ways that reduce reading and maximize your time!


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