Regulating Long-Term Care Quality: An International Comparison

Author: Vincent Mor


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  • ISBN: 9781107665354
  • Author: Vincent Mor
  • Publ Date: 2014-02-06
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 520
  • Imprint: CAMBRIDGE UNIV *#
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Table of Contents :

Foreword; Part I. Introduction: 1. A framework for understanding regulation of long-term care quality Vincent Mor; Part II. Long-term Care Quality Systems Based on 'Professionalism': 2. Performance measurement in long-term care in Austria Kai Leichsenring, Frederique LaMontagne-Godwin, Andrea Schmidt, Ricardo Rodrigues and Georg Ruppe; 3. Monitoring the quality of long-term care in Germany Vjenka Garms-Homolova and Reinhard Busse; 4. Quality monitoring of long-term care in Switzerland Guido Bartelt, Ruedi Gilgen, Daniel Grob and Thomas Munzer; 5. Japan's long-term care regulations focused on structure - rationale and future prospects Naoki Ikegami, Tomoaki Ishibashi and Takashi Amano; Part III. Long-term Care Quality Systems Based on Regulatory Inspection Frameworks: 6. Regulating long-term care quality in Australia Len C. Gray, David J. Cullen and Harold B. Lomas; 7. Regulating the quality and safety of long-term care in England Juliette Malley, Jacquetta Holder, Rachael Dodgson and Samantha Booth; 8. Quality monitoring of long-term care for older people in the Netherlands Jos M. G. A. Schols, Dinnus H. M. Frijters, Rudd G. I. J. M. Kempen and Jan P. H. Hamers; 9. The regulatory structure of Spanish long-term care: the case of Catalonia's service structures and quality assurance systems Sergio Arino Blasco, Meritxell Sole, Gloria Rubert, Jose M. Sanjuan and Joan Gil; Part IV. Long-term Care Quality Systems Based on Data Measurement and Public Reporting: 10. Monitoring the quality of long-term care in Finland Harriet Finne-Soveri, Teija Hammar, Anja Noro, Sari Anttila and Paivi Voutilainen; 11. Regulation of long-term care in the United States David Stevenson and Jeffrey Bramson; 12. Long-term care for the elderly in Canada: progress toward an integrated system John P. Hirdes and Vahe Kehyayan; 13. Monitoring the quality of long-term care in New Zealand Brigette Meehan and Nigel Millar; Part V. Long-term Care Quality Systems and Developing Regulatory Systems: 14. Quality monitoring of long-term care in the Republic of Korea Hye-Young Jung, Soong-Nang Jang, Jae Eun Seok and Soonman Kwon; 15. Long-term care in China: reigning in market forces through regulatory oversight Zhanlian Feng, Xinping Guan, Xiaotian Feng, Chang Liu, Heying Jenny Zhan and Vincent Mor; Part VI. Conclusion: 16. Regulating quality of long-term care - what have we learned? Tiziana Leone, Anna Maresso and Vincent Mor; Index.


The number of elderly people relying on formal long-term care services is dramatically increasing year after year, and the challenge of ensuring the quality and financial stability of care provision is one faced by governments in both the developed and developing world. This edited book is the first to provide a comprehensive international survey of long-term care provision and regulation, built around a series of case studies from Europe, North America and Asia. The analytical framework allows the different approaches that countries have adopted to be compared side by side and readers are encouraged to consider which quality assurance approaches might best meet their own country's needs. Wider issues underpinning the need to regulate the quality of long-term care are also discussed. This timely book is a valuable resource for policymakers working in the health care sector, researchers and students taking graduate courses on health policy and management.


'The demand for improvements in the quality of long term care - from ensuring that care is at least adequate, through to raising standards of provision generally - has never been higher. Regulation plays a key role in this process, but regulation of long term care is a challenging and complex process, with a variety of ways in which it can be approached. To make regulation most effective it is important that we learn from others. This invaluable book draws together experiences from a wide variety of countries, in a clear and structured way, allowing the reader to place the regulatory approaches used in context, enhancing the value of the information provided. The wealth of information here will be a valuable resource all those concerned with regulation and raising quality, including regulators, policy makers and academics.' Ann Netten, Personal Social Services Research Unit, University of Kent

Author Biography:

Vincent Mor is the Florence Price Grant Professor of Community Health in the School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Practice at the Brown University School of Public Health. His research focuses on the organizational and health care delivery system factors associated with variation in use of health services, and outcomes experienced by frail and chronically ill persons. Tiziana Leone is a lecturer in demography in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Dr Leone's research interests focus on demography and health policy. She is particularly interested in reproductive and health systems in developing countries as well as health and ageing in Europe. Anna Maresso is a Research Officer at LSE Health and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Her research focuses on the health care systems of Western Europe and comparative health policy.


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