Baran and Dawber's Diseases of the Nails and Their Management

Author: Baran, Robert

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  • ISBN: 9780632053582
  • Author: Baran, Robert
  • Publ Date: 2001-10-15
  • Edition: 3
  • Pages: 656
  • Imprint: BLACKWELL *#
  • Status: O/P
  • ID - 6604


This new edition brings together five leading authorities in nail surgery to this well established and definitive textbook. The entire text is extended in this edition, and particular emphasis is placed on the advances in treatments that have taken place in recent years. Considerable strides have been made in the treatment of fungal diseases (onychomycoses) with the appearance of new therapeutic agents. There is also much greater coverage of nail surgery to reflect the increasing involvement of the dermatologist in this field. The section on nail tumours has also been expanded. Drs Baran and Dawber have been joined by David de Berker, Eckhart Haneke and Antonella Tosti on the editorial team. This move is representative of the major European contribution to the field of nail surgery in recent years. Significant contribution has come from Dr Elvin Zook, the eminent American hand surgeon, who has helped to ensure that the book is a relevant in North America is it is in Europe.


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