Clinical Asthma: Theory and Practice

Author: Bernstein, Jonathan A.


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  • ISBN: 9781466585614
  • Author: Bernstein, Jonathan A.
  • Publ Date: 2014-01-27
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 329
  • Imprint: CRC PRESS *#
  • Status: 21
  • ID - 271144

Table of Contents :

The Basics of Asthma Epidemiology of Asthma: A Worldwide Perspective; Colin R. Simpson and Aziz Sheikh Immunopathogenesis; Chris J. Corrigan Genetics and Asthma; Rebecca E. Slager, Xingnan Li, Deborah A. Meyers, and Eugene R. Bleecker Endotypes and Asthma; Pranabashis Haldar and Rachid Berair Diagnosis of Asthma Guidelines in Asthma; Louis-Philippe Boulet Diagnosis of Asthma in Preschool-Age Children; Chris Cleveland, Lora Stewart, Bradley Chipps, and Joseph D. Spahn Diagnosis of Asthma in Older Children and Adults; Paul M. O'Byrne United Airways: Managing Patients with Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma; Glenis K. Scadding and Guy Scadding Asthma Triggers Viral Infections in Asthma; Joy Hsu and Pedro C. Avila Asthma and Allergens; James L. Friedlander, Sachin Baxi, and Wanda Phipatanakul Air Pollutants; Neil E. Alexis and Chris Carlsten Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction; Christopher Randolph and John M. Weiler Asthma Education and Outcomes Asthma Education; Vanessa M. McDonald and Peter G. Gibson Adherence and Outcomes; Andrew G. Weinstein Inhaler Devices; Federico Lavorini, Mark L. Levy, and Giovanni A. Fontana Assessment of Asthma Control in Adults; Claude S. Farah and Helen K. Reddel Asthma Management and Treatments Management of Pediatric Asthma; Leonard B. Bacharier Management of Adolescent Asthma; Gina T. Cosia, Beverley J. Sheares, and Jean-Marie Bruzzese Management of Adult Asthma; Pallavi Bellamkonda and Thomas B. Casale Management of Asthma in Older Adults; Tolly G. Epstein Severe Acute and Life-Threatening Asthma in Children; Annabelle Quizon and Erick Forno Severe Acute and Life-Threatening Asthma in Adults; Brian H. Rowe Asthma and Special Populations Asthma and Obesity: Clinical Implications; Fernando Holguin Occupational Asthma; Jonathan A. Bernstein Asthma in Pregnancy; Paul A. Greenberger Anxiety and Depression and Asthma; Alison C. McLeish, Kimberly M. Avallone, and Kristen M. Kraemer Approach to Asthma Worldwide and in the Primary Care Setting Managing Asthma and Allergy: A Countrywide Approach to Integrating Care; Tari Haahtela Primary Care Setting and Integrating Care across Primary/Secondary Care Interface; Barbara P. Yawn Preventing Asthma Death: Primary Care Setting; Mark L. Levy Index


Enormous progress in asthma research has been made in the past 50 years, including a greater understanding of its complex pathogenesis and new and more effective therapies. Consequently, the scientific literature has grown vast and can be difficult to integrate. With contributions from a distinguished panel of world-renowned authors, Clinical Asthma: Theory and Practice presents a comprehensive study of both the common and the more challenging problems faced by all health care personnel who treat patients with asthma. The book is divided into seven sections, starting with the basics of asthma and ending with a discussion on the approach to asthma worldwide and in the primary care setting. Reflecting a strong clinical emphasis, each chapter begins with a patient case study supported by essential background information on the basic science and clinical decision-making process. This is followed by a discussion of clinical evaluation and management. The multidisciplinary coverage explores a range of topics including genetics, inflammation, immunology, and the identification of different endotypes. Using a bench-to-bedside approach, the book links basic science to the clinical management of asthma and explores options for improvement. The carefully selected authorship from experts worldwide presents a truly global outlook.


"...if you want to learn more about asthma in reasonable depth then this is a good port of call. It is reasonably detailed and its main thrust is clinical ... I'm sure once a healthcare professional is finished reading it, then they will be far more knowledgeable in this condition." -Dr. Harry Brown

Author Biography:

Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI, FACP, FACCP Professor of Clinical Medicine University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine Division of Immunology/Allergy Section Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Mark L. Levy MBChB (Pret) FRCGP General Practitioner and Senior Research Fellow Kenton Bridge Medical Centre London, UK and Edinburgh University, UK


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