Core Topics in Airway Management

Author: Calder, Ian


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  • ISBN: 9780521869102
  • Author: Calder, Ian
  • Publ Date: 2005-01-06
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 210
  • Imprint: GREENWOOD *
  • Status:
  • ID - 69834

Table of Contents :

1. Anatomy John Picard; 2. Oxygenation Andrew Farmery; 3. Physics and physiology Andrew Farmery; 4. Cleaning and disinfection of airway equipment Adrian Pearce; 5. General principles Ian Calder and Adrian Pearce; 6. Maintenance of the airway during anaesthesia: supra-glottic devices Tim Cooke; 7. Tracheal tubes Viki Mitchell and Anil Patel; 8. Tracheal intubation of the adult patient John Henderson; 9. Confirmation of tracheal intubation O. Sanehi; 10. Extubation Hamish Gray; 11. Light-guided intubation: the trachlight Bert Dercksen and Pieter Borg; 12. Fibreoptic intubation Ian Calder; 13. Retrograde intubation Adrian Pearce; 14. Endobronchial and double lumen tubes, bronchial blockers Adrian Pearce; 15. Difficult airways: causation and prediction Ian Calder; 16. ENT and maxillofacial surgery Anil Patel and Viki Mitchell; 17. The paediatric airway Robert Walker; 18. Obstructive sleep apnoea and anaesthesia Peter Venn; 19. The airway in cervical trauma Peter Ford and David Gabbott; 20. The airway in cervical spine disease and surgery Ian Calder; 21. Airway management in the ICU Adrian Steele; 22. The aspiration problem Richard Vanner; 23. The airway in obstetrics Steve Yentis; 24. The lost airway Chris Frerk; 25. Trauma to the airway Ian Calder; 26. Airway mortality associated with anaesthesia and medico-legal aspects Ian Calder.


This book provides an easy-to-read introduction to this important topic that will be of value to a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals including anaesthetists, intensivists, ODPs, theatre and recovery nurses. Concise but comprehensive chapters from experts in the field cover everything from basic anatomy, physiology and applied physics, through the various methods of maintaining the airway under anaesthesia (supraglottic devices, tracheal intubation, tubes/cuffs, endobronchial and double-lumen tubes) to the problem airway (obstruction by infection, tumour or a foreign body, ENT and maxillo-facial surgery, aspiration, obstetrics, trauma, cervical spine disease, intensive care, the 'lost' airway, extubation and recovery), the paediatric airway, disinfection and cleaning of equipment and finally morbidity, mortality and medico-legal issues. 'Real' clinical scenarios, with patient management questions and model answers, are included throughout, to bring to life some of the key problems encountered in day-to-day practice and enhance the book's utility as a teaching and self-learning tool.


"This is an excellent overview of a central concern for anesthesiologists, surgeons, and internists with an interest in critical care. A highlight is photographs of airway pathology with high quality. Reference lists, though brief, contain recent work from important sources. Editors and authors achieve an excellent overview." Doody's Review ServiceG


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