Fundamentals of Anaesthesia

Author: Colin A. Pinnock


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  • ISBN: 9780521690799
  • Author: Colin A. Pinnock
  • Publ Date: 2002-12-01
  • Edition: 2
  • Pages: 963
  • Imprint: CAMBRIDGE UNIV *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 69830

Table of Contents :

Part I. Clinical Anaesthesia: 1. Pre-operative management; 2. Induction of anaesthesia; 3. Intra-operative management; 4. Postoperative management; 5. Special patient circumstances; 6. The surgical insult; 7. Regional anaesthesia and analgesia; 8. Principles of resuscitation; 9. Major trauma; 10. Clinical anatomy; Part II. Physiology: 11. Cellular physiology; 12. Body fluids; 13. Haematology and immunology; 14. Muscle physiology; 15. Cardiac physiology; 16. Physiology of the circulation; 17. Renal physiology; 18. Respiratory physiology; 19. Physiology of the nervous system; 20. Gastro-intestinal physiology; 21. Metabolism and temperature regulation; 22. Endocrinology; 23. Physiology of pregnancy; 24. Foetal and newborn physiology; Part III. Pharmacology: 25. Physical chemistry; 26. Mechanisms of drug action; 27. Pharmacodynamics; 28. Pharmacokinetics; 29. Anaesthetic gases and vapours; 30. Hypnotics and intravenous anaesthetic agents; 31. Analgesic drugs; 32. Neuromuscular blocking agents; 33. Local anaesthetic agents; 34. Central nervous system pharmacology; 35. Autonomic nervous system pharmacology; 36. Cardiovascular pharmacology; 37. Respiratory pharmacology; 38. Endocrine pharmacology; 39. Gastro-intestinal pharmacology; 40. Intravenous fluids; 41. Pharmacology of haemostasis; 42. Antimicrobial therapy; 43. Clinical trials - design and evaluation; Part IV. Physics, Clinical Measurement and Statistics: 44. Applied physics; 45. Clinical measurement; 46. Anaesthetic equipment; 47. Basic statistics.


The second edition of Fundamentals of Anaesthesia builds upon the success of the first edition, and encapsulates the modern practice of anaesthesia in a single volume. Written and edited by a team of expert contributors, it provides a comprehensive but easily readable account of all of the information required by the FRCA Primary examination candidate and has been expanded to include more detail on all topics and to include new topics now covered in the examination. As with the previous edition, presentation of information is clear and concise, with the use of lists, tables, summary boxes and line illustrations where necessary to highlght important information and aid the understanding of complex topics. Great care has been taken to ensure an unrivalled consistency of style and presentation throughout.


'Fundamentals of Anaesthesia manages to combine common sense with concise information to be an all-in-one anaesthesia textbook. Although it is aimed at trainees sitting the primary FRCA, I suspect it will be useful for the final fellowship, for anaesthetists returning to clinical work after time out, and for consultants wanting a brief overview for teaching purposes.' British Medical Journal, January 2000 'Fundamentals of Anaesthesia is an excellent textbook for anyone preparing for the primary FRCA.' Anaesthesia, April 2000 'Overall, Fundamentals of Anaesthesia is an excellent book, which I enjoyed reading, and which will be valuable to practising and training anaesthetists throughout the world ... I encourage those preparing for their Part 1 FRCA examination to purchase this book ...This book will also be a welcome addition to departmental libraries and private reference collections.' European Journal of Anesthesiology, 2000 'The book's declared intent is to function as a revision aid for the primary FRCA. As such, it works very well. The layout is clear and graphics are cleverly used to focus then eye and the mind.' British Journal of Anaesthesia


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