Fetal Growth and Development

Author: Bocking, Alan D.

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  • ISBN: 9780521645430
  • Author: Bocking, Alan D.
  • Publ Date: 2001-05-24
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 294
  • Imprint: CAMBRIDGE UNIV *#
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  • ID - 69821

Table of Contents :

Introduction; 1. Development of the embryo Janet Rossant and J. Cross; 2. Development and function of the placenta Dan Rurak; 3. Growth and metabolism Abby Fowden; 4. Cardiovascular system Mark Hanson and Torvid Kiserud; 5. Fluid balance Robert Brace; 6. Respiratory system Stuart Hooper; 7. Digestive system Jeff Trahair; 8. Nervous and neuromuscular systems Sandra Rees and David Walker; 9. Endocrine functions Charles Wood; 10. Sexual differentiation and development of the reproductive organs Nigel Brooks; 11. Maternal adaptation to pregnancy Alan Bocking; 12. Parturition Steve Lye and John R. G. Challis; Index.


The fetus occupies a critical phase during human development, when the body systems that will support us throughout our lives begin to face up to the challenge of life outside the womb. Whilst the fetus can demonstrate a remarkably robust response to challenges in the uterus, it is also an exquisitely sensitive phase of development. It is now well recognized that disturbances to the materno-fetal environment can influence and even undermine our state of health well into adulthood. This exciting new publication provides a valuable insight into fetal growth and development across all the main body systems, and examines the influence of the materno-fetal environment on adult-onset diseases. Additional chapters on the embryo, the placenta and parturition will insure that this is a fully self-contained introduction. Written by world-renowned experts from leading centres of excellence, this account will be an invaluable introduction for students of medicine, reproductive biology and human biology.


'This book has been timed perfectly with the increasing interest in the medical profession in the Barker's hypothesis and fetal origin of adult diseases ... All the chapters are excellent in their contents and presentation.' Doctors.net '... a valuable introduction to life before birth.' Aslib Book Guide 'This book would be ideal for postgraduate students studying for the Part I MRCOG examination, and would provide a useful introduction for those embarking on subspecialist training in fetal medicine. It would also sit usefully on the bookshelf of any obstetrician who is interested in fetal development.' The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 'This book is a brief, easy to read, multi-authored textbook of developmental and obstetrical physiology suited to an advanced undergraduate or graduate course.' Pediatric and Developmental Pathology 'It is a commendable piece of work suitable as a primer for both medical students as well as obstetricians who would like to be updated. The selection of the topics and overall treatment is excellent and has appropriately fulfilled the objectives of reviewing the entire gamut of fetal response and adaptation in the intrauterine environment. ... the book provides a wealth of information on the various aspects of fetal growth and development and will definitely be a useful textbook for the future obstetricians.' Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy


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