An Introduction to Evaluation

Author: Grimm, Robert


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  • ISBN: 9781473902879
  • Author: Grimm, Robert
  • Publ Date: 2016-10-18
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 328
  • Imprint: SAGE *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 567081

Table of Contents :

SECTION ONE: GETTING STARTEDWhat is evaluation?The ethics of evaluationsSECTION TWO: UNDERTAKING AN EVALUATIONTheories of changeProcess evaluationImpact evaluationEconomic evaluationEvaluation methodsSECTION 3: THE PRACTICE OF EVALUATIONPlanning an evaluationConducting an evaluationSECTION 4: USING EVALUATION FINDINGSSystematic reviewsKnowledge mobilisation: getting evidence into policy and practiceSECTION 5: EVALUATION PARADIGMSEvaluation paradigms and the limits of evidence based policyConclusion


Both practical and theoretical in approach, this book is the perfect companion for student researchers and policy makers alike. It provides actionable advice for planning and implementing evaluations, while also instilling an ability to assess the evaluations of others and consider the ways in which evaluation evidence could influence policy and practice. Drawing upon a wide range of examples from policy areas like education, criminal justice, and health and social care, this book showcases how evaluation is an interdisciplinary research practice with a spectrum of applications. Each chapter contains philosophical underpinnings and applied knowledge as well as examples from published evaluations. Specific topics include how to: Choose an approach to evaluationPlan, design, and conduct evaluationsApproach evaluations using theories of changeDifferentiate between process, impact, and economic evaluationsUnderstand the role of quantitative and qualitative methods in data collection Use systematic reviews and other tools to assess and disseminate evaluation findings From getting started in the field to turning evidence into policy, this book will guide you through every step of the evaluation process.


This book offers a refreshingly applied view of evaluation and shows how to fit methods and techniques to the contrasting circumstances and needs of different projects. Its cross-theory approach and practical examples will help advanced students and researchers alike address the real tensions that evaluators today face from rising user expectations and diminishing budgets and timeframes. -- David Parsons Program evaluation is key to the evidence based policy making that governments, NGOs, and even businesses are embracing all over the world. This unique, outstanding publication is required reading for anyone interested in understanding the key elements of this important topic. -- Darrell Bricker


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