Health Promotion and Wellbeing in People with Mental Health Problems

Author: Bradshaw, Tim


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  • ISBN: 9781473951952
  • Author: Bradshaw, Tim
  • Publ Date: 2017-01-24
  • Edition:
  • Pages: 232
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  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 567054

Table of Contents :

Part one: Mental and physical health in contextChapter one: Concepts of health and current health policy - Dr Tim BradshawChapter two: Physical health in people with mental health problems - Dr Tim BradshawChapter three: Signs and symptoms of common physical health problems - Pat ConaghanPart two: Primary, secondary and tertiary preventionChapter four: Assessing and monitoring physical health - Pat Conaghan and Nigel HendersonChapter five: Physical health of young people at high/ultra-high risk for psychosis - Rebekah Carney and Joseph FirthChapter six: Protecting the cardiovascular and metabolic health of people experiencing psychosis for the first time - Dr David ShiersChapter seven: Promoting physical activity - Joseph Firth and Rebekah Carney Chapter eight : Smoking cessation - Dr Tim BradshawChapter nine: Weight management - Dr Jackie Cleator and Dr Tim BradshawChapter ten: Conducting health checks using the serious mental illness Health Improvement Profile [HIP] - Dr Jacquie WhitePart three: Overcoming common barriers to health and wellbeingChapter eleven: Activation for physical and mental well-being - Dr Hilary MairsChapter twelve: Motivational Interviewing for Positive Lifestyle Choices - Ian Wilson


This practical guide helps nursing students and other healthcare professionals promote and improve the health and wellbeing of those with mental health problems by looking closely at the disparities that people with mental health problems face in relation to their physical health. It includes: * Evidence-based techniques such as motivational interviewing and promoting physical activity. * MCQs at the start of each chapter for readers to test their knowledge. * Reflection points, activities and case studies to link theory to practice. * Summaries of key messages to take away. This is essential reading for all nursing students and healthcare professionals.


'This book is a valuable resource for many people within the healthcare field. It is neatly divided into two parts; context within current UK policy and issues within practice areas. Many key areas are covered with multi-choice questions to enhance the learning for the reader. A contemporary, essential read.' -- Keith Ford 'This contemporary textbook is a valuable asset to all mental health practitioners. It offers well-defined, clear descriptions with information around common physical health problems. Exploration is offered around these fundamental issues within a mental health context, which is supported with clear evidence based approaches, to underpin the skills and interventions practitioners can use within their clinical practice.' -- Angie Chadwick 'Development of knowledge and skills in physical healthcare is crucial for all mental health practitioners. This comprehensive and contemporary text incorporates the key factors involved in addressing the physical health needs and wellbeing of people with mental illness and is relevant for all mental health professionals.' -- Sonya Chelvanayagam 'Bradshaw and Mairs set the standard for usability and practicality in their new text. Learning outcomes, organizing questions, reflection points and activities, engage the reader and ensure that learning takes place. Application of their material will make a substantial contribution to provider confidence and health care outcomes of those served.' -- Helen Buckland 'This is an invaluable and much-need contribution that recognises the importance of 'parity of esteem' between mental and physical health, enhances knowledge of such co-morbid health problems, and offers client-centred approaches to address health behaviour change. This is a must-read text for all practitioners working across all areas of healthcare.' -- Rob Allison 'This well-written textbook is an important resource for mental health care professionals. I think it will provide valuable guidance for professionals working, teaching and studying in the field. This book emphasizes the significance of a holistic approach and is highly recommended for those in the field.' -- Ronelle Jansen


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