Mental Health: A Person-centred Approach 2nd edition

Author: Procter, Nicholas (University of South Australia)


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  • ISBN: 9781316620205
  • Author: Procter, Nicholas (University of South Australia)
  • Publ Date: 2017-09-04
  • Edition: 2
  • Pages: 420
  • Imprint: CAMBRIDGE UNIV *#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 567032

Table of Contents :

1. Introduction to mental health and mental illness: human connectedness and the collaborative consumer narrative Nicholas Procter, Amy Baker, Kirsty Baker, Lisa Hodge and Monika Ferguson; 2. Learning through human connectedness on clinical placement: translation to practice Denise McGarry; 3. Maori mental health Jacquie Kidd and Kerri Butler; 4. The social and emotional well-being of Aboriginal Australians and the collaborative consumer narrative Debra Hocking; 5. Assessment of mental health and mental illness Terry Froggatt and Susan Sumskis; 6. Use of psychotropic medications in mental health care Mark Loughhead, Simon Bell and Nicholas Procter; 7. Legal and ethical aspects in mental health care Helen P. Hamer, Debra Lampshire and Terry Froggatt; 8. Mental health and substance use Rhonda L. Wilson; 9. Nutrition, physical health and behaviour change Denise McGarry and Anne Storey; 10. Mental health of people of immigrant and refugee backgrounds Nicholas Procter, Amy Baker, Mary Anne Kenny and Monika Ferguson; 11. Gender, sexuality and mental health Helen P. Hamer, Joe MacDonald, Jane Barrington and Debra Lampshire; 12. Mental health of children and young people Rhonda L. Wilson and Serena Riley; 13. Mental health of older people Helen P. Hamer, Debra Lampshire and Sue Thompson; 14. Rural and regional mental health Rhonda L. Wilson; 15. E-mental health Rhonda L. Wilson; 16. Mental health in the interprofessional context Denise McGarry and Anne Storey; 17. Conclusions: leadership and mentoring for mental health practice Nicholas Procter and Mark Loughhead.


Mental Health: A person-centred approach adopts an all-encompassing approach to engaging with, responding to and supporting people with mental illness and substance abuse. This substantially updated second edition incorporates the latest mental health research, including a new chapter focusing on psychotropic medications, while retaining the strong narrative approach of the first edition. Readers are encouraged to connect theory, practice and the lived experiences of consumers and carers. The diverse range of consumer and carer perspectives enhances readers' understanding of the process of recovery from mental illness, the use of mental health services and the provision of mental health support, by encouraging them to make human connections as they read. Written by an expert author team, Mental Health: A person-centred approach is an essential resource for students, supporting the development of safe, high-quality, person-centred care in both the Australian and New Zealand contexts.


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