Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis 8th edition 2 vol.

Author: Talley, Professor Nicholas J., MD (NSW), PhD (Syd)


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  • ISBN: 9780729542593
  • Author: Talley, Professor Nicholas J., MD (NSW), PhD (Syd)
  • Publ Date: 2017-08-15
  • Edition: 8
  • Pages: 550
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 566654

Table of Contents :

1. The general principles of history taking 2. Advanced history taking 3. The general principles of physical examination 4. The cardiovascular history 5. The cardiac examination 6. The lower limb examination and peripheral vascular disease 7. Correlation of physical signs and cardiovascular disease 8. A summary of the cardiovascular examination and extending the cardiovascular examination 9. The respiratory history 10. The respiratory examination 11. Correlation of physical signs and respiratory disease 12. A summary of the respiratory examination and extending the respiratory examination 13. The gastrointestinal history 14. The gastrointestinal examination 15. Correlation of physical signs and gastrointestinal disease 16. A summary of the gastrointestinal examination and extending the gastrointestinal examination 17. The genitourinary history 18. The genitourinary examination 19. A summary of the examination of chronic kidney disease and extending the genitourinary examination 20. The haematological history 21. The haematological examination 22. A summary of the haematological examination and extending the haematological examination 23. The rheumatological history 24. The rheumatological examination 25. Correlation of physical signs and rheumatological disease 26. A summary of the rheumatological examination and extending the rheumatological examination 27. The endocrine history 28. The endocrine examination 29. Correlation of physical signs and endocrine disease 30. A summary of the endocrine examination and extending the endocrine examination 31. The neurological history 32. The neurological examination: the cranial nerves 33. The neurological examination: speech and higher centres 34. The neurological examination: the peripheral nervous system 35. Correlation of physical signs and neurological syndromes and disease 36. A summary of the neurological examination and extending the neurological examination 37. The psychiatric history and mental health examination 38. The eyes, ears, nose and throat 39. The breasts 40. The skin, nails and lumps 41. A system for the infectious diseases examination 42. Assessment of the geriatric patient 43. Assessment of the acutely ill patient 44. Assessment of death 45. The paediatric history and examination 46. The neonatal history and examination 47. The gynaecological history and examination 48. The obstetric history and examination i. Writing and presenting the history and physical examination ii. A suggested method for a rapid screening physical examination iii. The pre-anaesthetic medical evaluation (PAME)


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