Chiropractic Theories, The: A Textbook of Scientific Research

Author: Robert A. Leach


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  • ISBN: 9780683307474
  • Author: Robert A. Leach
  • Publ Date: 2003-11-01
  • Edition: 4
  • Pages: 448
  • Imprint: LIPPINCOTT*#
  • Status: ACT
  • ID - 6737

Table of Contents :

Section 1: Introduction to Subluxation Theories General Introduction History of the Chiropractic Theories Chiropractic Terminology Philosophy: Foundation for Theory Development Section 2: Introduction to Chiropractic Research Principles Principles of Measurement, Research and Statistics Strategy for Validation of Subluxation Theories: Proposed Minimum Process Chiropractic Research and the Scientist Practitioner Model Section 3: Experimental and Clinical Evidence of the Subluxation Complex Model Inflammation Hypothesis Segmental Dysfunction Hypothesis: Joint and Muscle Pathology and Facilitation Instability Hypothesis Immobilization Degeneration Hypothesis Neuropathology Hypothesis Somatoautonomic Reflex Hypothesis Myelopathy Hypothesis Vertebrobasilar Hypothesis Neuroimmune Hypothesis Clinical Aspects of Chiropractic Theory: Manipulative Effectiveness for Musculoskeletal Syndromes, Lesions, and Undifferentiated Disorders Axoplasmic Aberration Hypothesis Section 4: Alternative Approaches to Chiropractic Theory Wellness Hypothesis Psychosocial Hypothesis Section 5: The Future of Chiropractic Research Disproved, and Untested Hypotheses New Questions: Promising Areas for Future Researc


The Fourth Edition of this highly respected text provides an influential tool for helping practitioners update and reinforce their understanding of chiropractic theory, plus the power of various research designs, and the ability to tell the difference between good and poor research. Completely revised and updated, it contains the latest research findings plus analytical and outcome measures that are found in everyday practice. Practitioners will learn how to keep pace with new research, and how to implement findings into practice. Highlights include: Revised Section 1 includes complete terminology, history and philosophy that are necessary for a rich understanding of concepts addressed in the text NewuSection 2 introduces principles of chiropractic research, including a new chapter on principles of measurement and research statistics Newucomprehensive chapter proposing minimum process f or testing subluxation theory Section 3 presents vertebral subluxation complex (VSC) as the primary chiropractic hypothesis and is organized chronologically in order of events associated with spinal lesions, giving students a better understanding of VSC as it actually presents clinically New chapter on inflammation, thought to herald the onset of dysfunction or disease, is discussed first, followed by new or revised chapters detailing the three phases of VSC Section 4 presents alternative hypotheses for consideration, including the Wellness Model and Psychological Model Text concludes with a new chapter on disproved and untested hypotheses, and a chapter outlining promising areas for future researc


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